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Running your own online business is no easy task and we can use all the help we can get but buying links and paying for real-converting traffic can be prohibitively expensive. We hope to point you in the right direction with some genuinely useful free webmaster tools that will make your website or affiliated pages more visible with extra (free) targeted traffic and other tools that make webmaster's lives easier - and more profitable. If you know of some great free webmaster tools we're missing then get in touch - we'll chat.

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  • YMLP - Your Mailing List Provider - Free newsletter distributor
  • EH4U - EasyHits4U - get free website traffic
  • YMLP - free newsletter distributorYMLP - Send Your Newsletters For Free
    YMLP (Your Mailing List Provider) is a great online tool for distributing bulk messages you want to send to your subscribers. It could be a mailing list for a website, a group of friends who all want to receive a newsletter, or anything else you have in mind.

    Most ISP's spam-block bulk e-mail sending (and it risks losing your internet connection) so YMLP's free service (up to 1000 subscribers) is the perfect way to send your words of wisdom, without your ISP suspending your account!

    YMLP is used by some of the world's biggest companies (and actually, us too!) and there are very low-cost paid options for mailing lists consisting of more than 1000 members. Features includes auto-unsubscribe facilities, auto-removal of 'dead' e-mail addresses, geo-targeting (ie. send only to certain countries) and extensive reporting stats.
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    EasyHits4UWebTools, get free website trafficEasyHits4U - Get free, targeted website traffic
    EH4U (EasyHits4U) has been generating free website traffic for its members since 2003 so it's definitely got staying-power attractions for lots of webmasters. We've given EH4U quite a bit of a going-over to see how it performs and especially, when compared to similar competition such as TrafficG (which generates dubious traffic, we found).

    At the core of EH4U is a straightforward 1:1 traffic exchange/surf system where you click to visit websites/affiliate landing pages of other members. For every site you visit (or 'surf'), you get a credit that will be used to receive a visitor back to your sites. You can store up to 15 different website addresses at any one time at EH4U and allocate your earned credits between your different sites/pages as you wish. Some pages take longer to view than others (it depends on how the webmaster has created the campaign) but you won't mind the longer (40 seconds) views because they pay double credits into your account. Longer the better, as far as we're concerned.

    EasyHits4UWebTools, get free website trafficTalking of page display length, you'll get to decide for yourself on how long you want your page(s)/site(s) to be on other visitors' screens before they can move on - 15 to 40 seconds. It depends on the nature of your ad - does it immediately grab the visitor's attention? Is it different or interesting enough to be different from the previous fifty pages they've surfed?

    Think clever and try to be different. And don't be shy about forcing the visitor to sit it out for 40 seconds and get a proper look at your page. It'll cost you extra credits but you can even geo-target your ads to specific countries for extra conversion-potential.

    There are other ways to earn credits and more ways to use them at EH4U. You can complete very easy 'offers' (just visiting a site or watching a 30 second YouTube video). There's a banner and text ads section which can be used very easily. From our experience so far, the text ads can perform quite well for getting clicks (don't make it cheesy or promise the Earth) plus you'll earn a lot of free banner impressions whilst surfing websites and if you've got a good looking banner then it CAN convert into a semi-decent (surprisingly so) CTR (click-through-rate). It's worth having a banner that is different to those you'll see in their hundreds on your surfing travels at EH4U.

    EH4U is worth a look. It's free to use and join - the quality of the traffic is going to be low and that means being realistic with expected conversion rates. But it's all in the numbers - yes, we've had several conversions to various programs using this source of traffic but it doesn't come easy, you have to put in the time to earn those credits and then play smart with how you spend them.
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