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  • Qustodio - Child Protection/Monitor/Safety App
  • Sara Freder - Free Personal Horoscope
  • Just Free Stuff - Daily Freebies (USA Only)
  • QustodioQustodio - Child Protection/Monitor/Safety App
    Qustodio offer a well-known, trusted child protection/monitoring app featured in The New York Times, CBS News and in other high-profile media. It's a completely free-to-use child protection and monitoring app with many features. Qustodio can be configured to differents parents' requirements and options that include screen or game time limits, adult content filters, full visibility of your child's social media and other web activity for any device - computer, mobile/cell/pad device or Kindle. These features are all undoubtably helpful for thousands of parents and children but the most important, VITAL feature of this free app hasn't been mentioned yet.

    Qustodio will track your child's device and its location. Whilst unpleasant to consider, if an emergency or anything important happens, your child can immediately send to you a 'panic alert', complete with your child's location. This app is easy to recommend as it can clearly be a life-saver. Qustodio's app is available worldwide in different languages (English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish) but the main target markets are Canada, Ireland, United Kingdom and the USA. As free apps go, this is up there with the most important to have (if you've got a child - or a device you want to track!) but the only limit is that Qustodio's free package tracks just one device. There are annual paid plans if you'd like to track multiple devices or children but there's no hard sell from Qustodio to use anything more than their brilliant, free service. Any available discounts for upgrade purchases will be shown on the Qustodio page we send you to.
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    Free horoscope by Sara FrederSara Freder - Free Personal Horoscope
    Sara Freder provides free and paid online personal horoscopes, clairvoyance and psychic reading. Complete the short online form at Sara Freder's website to get your free horoscope, available to visitors in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, UK and USA. Sara Freder's horoscopes cover areas such as money, love, family, legal problems, confidence and employment.
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    Just Free StuffUSA Only OfferJust Free Stuff - Daily Freebies (USA Only)
    Just Free Stuff is a USA-only site (sorry, rest of the world!) that puts you in touch with various freebies - anything from books to arts and graphics to games. The site is updated every day with new free stuff and you'll be overwhelmed with just how many things you can put your hands on. There's an excellent newsletter with hundreds of thousands of subscribers which is free to receive - if you're a US resident!
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